Get callbacks on my custom server


Hi everyone, this is my first time with jitsi. I setup server successfully, and also created jwt based authentication, is there any way to register hooks? I mean before conference creation, or after conference ends.

I am currently creating secure token using jwt from server and sending it back to client to create new conference. But I don’t want that token to be used for creating other conference. Once conference associated with token is completed I want to de-validate that token.

I have following structure, I have one application which relies on firebase. So whenever client wants to make call on specific channel, client requests server for jwt token (for jitsi), so on firebase side I put status that conference is started (to show callee that there is ongoing video call on specific channel), so whenever callee party wants to join the session, I create jwt token for callee also, and now they both can connect. But I want to remove token from server when conference ends so that I can manage status about ongoing video call if any.


This you can handle by adding a new prosody module which can make rest calls to a service when room is created/destroyed, the prosody event is used here for example:
The rest call you can check the code about verifying token based on private/public key …


@damencho Thanks, will take a look.


I have successfully configured component using this guide

putting log inside mod_speakerstats_component.lua ( at the beginning of file ) registers log in /var/log/prosody/prosody.log too.

but whenever any event occurres, respective function calls are not firing.

I did put log inside room_destroyed function of mod_speakerstats_component.lua, but it’s not working.