Get access to custom SIP headers from lib-jitsi-meet


Besides the usual conference room header, we’re passing a number of other custom headers to Jitsi/Jigasi from our SIP system, to help give us more information about who the person is that’s calling in (we’re attaching some metadata about them from our SIP system).

Can we get access to these other headers from lib-jitsi-meet, or another way? Maybe through the participant object or similar?

Thank you!

This is not currently supported. You need to implement it first in jigasi to extract your custom headers from the sip request and pass it into the presence of the jigasi user.
Currently there is a code that adds an initiator to the XMPP presence
Which adds the jwt token information for the person creating the outgoing call, the data is extracted from the XMPP messages.
You need the same but from the SIP side.

That’s very helpful. Thank you!