Get a recording


I am new here, and I have read somewhere that recordings are only available three days after the day of the meeting. Is this correct?

I am looking for the recording of a meeting that was a week ago. Is it possible to get it?

Thank you.

recordings can be infitly kept. unless your provider wipes your drive that would happen.

Are you perhaps talking about

Hola, me podrían ayudar con este mismo tema? Acabo de hacer una reunión en Jitsi e hice todo el proceso de vincular mi Dropvox pero terminé la llamada y en la carpeta de Dropvox no aparece la grabación

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I’m talking about meet.jitsi

But do not worry; we’ve decided to repeat the meeting and do it better this time. (It was my first time using meet.jitsi…)

Thanks again!

Finalizar la grabación primero y luego finalizar la reunión, al usar el plataforma la integración de dropbox no es fiable