German phone dialin number dropped?


did you drop german phone dialin number at with the latest update (in March 2021)?
Or was it just lost in the phone number list (which one can get on the link in the “share” menu)?

I remember there was a “+49 89…” number before (last time we used it was as far as I remember about 2 month ago), but now there is no german (+49…) number in the list anymore.

BR - Jochen

Yes, we needed to drop it out of the list of numbers that you can use to access, sorry for that.

I suspect this is due to Voximplant started to demand a proof of residence for German numbers (and restricting their registration service of German numbers to business customers).

Is there anything that the German community could do to help, e.g., donate an external SIP number that you can connect to your Voximplant?

Yep, sorry for that. We cannot commit to adding one at the moment. You can always have your jigasi that connects to and be using your number.