Generating tokens from 8x8


I have few questions regarding generating tokens with a free plan (25 users).

(a) The token expires every 2 hours, is there a way to generate new token from the code with the free account? Currently I have to go to to generate a new token.

(b) If I buy the license or host the jitsi server, can I create a token that will last longer? Lets say months or years?


You can have your code generating tokens and have your own expiry no matter whether you use it in jaas or host it yourself.

But that is not with the free version right? Otherwise why would 8x8 provide a maximum of only 2 hours?

I think, it is just the example generator putting that.
You can use whatever you want, I don’t see any restrictions in the docs: The Jitsi JSON Web Token (JWT)

We do not advice though to leave them unlimited.