Generate JWT token when using public instance

I dont see any documentation for generating the JWT token when using the Jitsi IFrame API with the free public instance. There is only one doc here but this shows the JWT token creation when hosting our own Jitsi meet instance.
How will one get the App ID App secret and other params required by the JWT token when using the public instance in the iFrame?

Please clarify

You cannot use jwt tokens with You need your own deployment for that.
Or you can use where you can sign your own tokens.

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So there is no way to embed the public as an iFrame on a website except for JaaS?
The JaaS is too expensive for developer testing due to the MAU limitation.

You can embed without JaaS, but you can’t use tokens without JaaS (or your own installation).

As @Freddie said, and mind the Terms & Conditions | Terms of Service when using

Well 25 MAU is not enough for developing/testing?

Not enough for load testing because I was to see how it performs with 10+ participants. @Freddie Can you please point out how can I embed without JaaS?