Generate chatroom


I wan to builth my platform with jitsi for video conferencing

How can I automatically generate chatroom from the server?


Hi @Ditya_Dion and welcome to our community! There is no room creation per se, you just need to come up with a unique identifier. A UUID will do.


Oh I see,
Whats minimum requirement VPS to handle more than 1000 user for jitsi meet?
Sorry, my english is so bad.


Questions like these had been answered many times, you can search the forum:

Just a number like 1000 does not mean a lot, as the load depends on many factors and mainly bandwidth. Are those users using chrome (which have simulcast enabled by default), are they spread in big conferences or they are just in one-2-one calls where it can be just p2p or using a turn server. Search the forum and for bandwidth usage to get your answers.