Generalized customization of meeting options by the organizer/moderator

It is currently possible to customize meeting options either globally for all meetings, or specifically per participant (using URI parameters)

We have a use case to organize a large conference with 800 students. For those meetings we want to limit the number of video streams each student receives (lastN=1), but we don’t want to impose that limitation for all meetings, and we want the teacher to receive more streams

We could send each student a meeting URL with #config.lastN=1, however students are smart and they will quickly figure out how to remove this restriction.

As a general feature, we would like to have the meeting organizer (first person who starts a conference) to have the ability to set certain constraints for the participants

This can be easily achieved using the iframeAPI and you can apply any logic on top of it loading different parameters based on the users in your system.

Thanks for responding. The iframe approach would work, however it is fairly technical and static. I was thinking more about a way for a non-technical person to start a meeting and set some restrictions for other participants, using the standard Jitsi clients

So for example, one way would be to add URL parameters to the organizer URL which then get applied to the other user sessions in that conference

Maybe create a simple php form that generates the meeting link? Like, the form can have check boxes to select the options and then the link will be generated. This is easy enough for any non-technical user.