General Thanks

Good night. Just want to say thanks to the developers and community for making this possible. Took some time to get it setup however, as there was really one key element that was overlooked - especially for new persons.

I’m a tech guy but haven’t spent a lot of time on Linux CLI. I’m old and stubborn from DOS / Win 3.1 days. I do follow instructions pretty well I think, so it was frustrating to get it setup at first but glad it got done.

So the first thing is - with my VPS provider APACHE was loaded by default. I had to remove that and setup NGINX to get it working properly. Before doing so it would only give audio/video for two persons. Once a third person connected then everything went dark.

So far the features look good. Things I’d like to see personally later on would be the ability to record sessions and an admin panel for the main site.

I know it’s much to ask, but easier deployment would be nice. But one step at a time I guess.

Another feature would be to load the desktop version or continue without the app from mobile devices. This would make it easier for older or non-technical persons to just click on the link from their phones/tablets. But again - one thing at a time.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!