General Questions & Theory

Good Morning All,

I hope you are all well and doing ok considering.

Ive setup a few Jitsi servers and can generally fix issues as they pop up.

I have a few questions and a few problems I cant resolve.

Is this the right forum to raise these issues?


Yes it is.

Thanks Damencho,

I have a test Ubuntu 18.04 VM setup behind NAT and have adjusted settings accordingly. I changed to JDK8 from JDK11.

How far does ones settings in hostname affect running services? I understand the principle and concepts around the JVB service for example.

Before I get to the issues I just need to say I have done extensive research into issues and read multiple articles before just posting out my issues. Still to avail I cannot succeed.

The chief issue I’m facing now is Jibri. It just fails to start recording. Instead of just fixing a variable in settings I would like to know why it doesnt work in regard to my setup. I understand that Jitsi & Jibri are recommended to be seperate machines or instances or VM’s. Hence my wish to understand this better.

Can I proceed to post logs?


Will post now, Im restoring snapshot.

Since this morning ive been trying to understand the relevance of different JDK’s against configs and versions.

Will post shortly.

jvb.log (44.7 KB) jicofo.log (47.3 KB) jigasi.log (43.8 KB)prosody.log (6.4 KB)

Ive got a few things that are obvious and will go through them through each log file. I would like to understand the correction instead of just applying the correction. The goal from here is Jibri to work. So I would like to understand the changes made ahead to achieve that from what ive got.

Prosody: Error binding the encrypted port Ive read is not really important. What Im concerned about is the warn Component not connected This is the XMPP configuration. However following the standing GitHib quick install of Jibri im not sure how this should go. Because if read if you use a 2nd authenticated account on “internal_plain” then your java version can create problems.

Jicofo: Everything looks ok, the XMPP sessions appear to be successful in log as well.

Jigasi: Looks ok as well, dont have an issue with SIP dialing.

JVB: Looks ok as well.

So if the logs dont contain anything glaringly bad, perhaps proceed to conf files.



After 2 weeks im emotionally drained and exhausted from trying to get Jitsi to work.

Im deleting it all. If I never ever have to touch Jitsi ever again it will be too soon.