General questions regarding Jitsi

I have a few questions regarding Jitsi.

  • Is there a Windows version I can download? Is this officially from the jitsi website

  • Is it like zoom where if a friend doesn’t have zoom installed and I share a meeting link to my friend, they can click on it and it will automatically download and take them to the correct meeting?

  • Am I able to enable and disable my computer audio from being shared (like internal computer sounds such as changing the volume etc)?

  • Am I able to screenshare?

  • Is there any limitations with free users?

  • Does it use end-to-end encryption?

  • Is it centralised or decentralised service?

hello @unix_lover

For a quick test:

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I think you should search this community site for these questions, if you want to get answers as soon as possible. I see those questions frequently on this site and I guess most of them have been already answered, if not directly.

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@emrah @KEYLETAL

Hey guys, I just want to know is this a legitimate website from Jitsi or not, cause on the main page, when you go to the downloads button it only shows a version for iOS and Android, but not for WIndows, whereas on this website it shows for Linux and Windows so I am just making sure if this is legit from Jitsi?

Jitsi Desktop is a SIP and messaging client. Jitsi Desktop is an older, different product than Jitsi Meet. It is very much a legitimate product, but probably not the one you are looking for unless you want to make SIP call or have an XMPP chat.

Check out the Jitsi Meet Electron builds for a native Windows version of Jitsi Meet:

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If I understand correctly, you are looking for a client application for Windows but you don’t need to install anything as client to the desktop machine, just open the web browser and go to the link.

If you want to install your own Jitsi server, this is not a one click thing

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THank you I am looking for the meet client and glad there is a Windows verison.

Yes I am looking for a client version but I also prefer using the Windows version rather than the web version.

What will I do if I wanted to start a meeting, just like with zoom with the client version of Windows?