General Question: Non-p2p configuration

When you say chat is signaling over https and then hits the prosody at 5280, you mean it’s sitting on one side of jicofo communicating with it through https? Then the jicofo routes back to prosody through 5280?

Web client uses https and goes through nginx and port 5280 to reach prospdy.
Jicofo connects with prosody over port 5222 which is the standard tcp port for xmpp.

There is an outdated network diagram here Self-Hosting Guide - Manual installation · Jitsi Meet Handbook

Replace on it 5347 with 5222 and it will be up to date.

Good morning… for clarity, in a coturn server setup, it is only used for one-to-one calls? A conference would not perform properly if 3+ users access the same meeting? Screensharing would not be possible?

Nope, it will be used and in case when clients cannot use udp to reach jvb.

What do you mean? Screensharing works no matter p2p or jvb is used. When there are more than 2 participants the jvb is used.

okay got it. 10000 udp port being open for jvb would allow the meeting to occur between 3+ users.

In the case of a coturn server being used in cases where udp is not allowed, are there any available diagrams of how it is implemented?

Not really, it is that the turnserver access the public address of the bridge on port 10000 using udp, the way the clients will normally do and that way is proxing the media from clients, getting TCP and sending UDP and vice versa.