General development question

Hi, I’m new to Jitsi and would like to ask community opinion on the following thing: I would like to build some kind of a software which will need the video conference capability (it will be the main feature) and would like to use Jitsi as a main tool to implement my ideas.

Is it possible to use Jitsi in such projects?

Yes, jitsi-meet is designed so you can use it in another app. You have the iframe API and the electron app to be used as a desktop app, also the mobile SDK.
There are numerous examples of that the retired Hipchat and Stride, also Pàdé in Openfire and Rocket.Chat … and more …

@damencho, thanks for your reply. So, the licence allows me to use Jitsi-videobridge and Jitsi-meet in commercial projects?

Yes, it is an Apache2 license.

@damencho sounds great! So, everything I need to do is to install jitsi meet server, configure it and start using its SDK to use the features introduced in Jitsi, right?

If you mean ‘’, there are features like recording, dialing out that need extra components installation and configuration.

Just installing jitsi-meet will give you video conferencing web, adding Let’s encrypt (or just valid certificates) you will be able to use it from mobile using the SDK. Once you have it working you can also add the rest of the feature.

Great, thanks a lot for your answers!

@damencho While I still digging into the Jitsi features I found out that the audio and video channels are not mixed and, as I understood, they are being transmitted separately, can you please share your experience on possible problems with audio/video out of sync which each other? What can lead to it and what are the best practices to avoid such problems?

We haven’t seen such problems. And chrome already have some techniques of doing lipsync, we were using it at some point but we were facing some issues, like audio not starting cause there is no video to sync with. So we stopped using it and we haven’t seen any problems.

Sounds great, thanks