GDPR and selfhosted Jitsi

been reading some threads about GDPR compliance with provided by 8x8. But not sure what applies to a self hosted set up of Jitsi.

Does this Privacy Policy | Privacy Supplement ( cover what is being stored in a vanilla self-hoste installation? Or is there any further info that needs to be known about personal info being stored?

It is up to your deployment. Jitsi-meet does not store any personal information, its up to how you have configured the rest of the services. Do you have jibri, does it store thing, where it stores it… This is up to the deployment and how it is done and is an example deployment.

Understood! We are not using jibri, but prosody, jicofo, jvb etc. Jwt auth

To my understanding some jwt content will be displayed in cleartext in prosody, e.g displayname. And of course the client ip adress

Bur what happens with the chat and polls? Are they only kept in memory and removed serverside when the meeting is closed?