Future AV1 codec support?

Hi guys,

Am curious about your future plans for AV1 codec support?

We love super high quality and it looks like a really interesting codec.

Obviously, I know you are still waiting on the browsers to implement both encode and decode. But do you have any idea of timelines as to when you the Jitsi team may start work on this?

Thank you!

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Other than having encode / decode capabilities, browsers actually have to use it for WebRTC calls. Once that happens we can evaulate our options.

We are generally on top of these things, but please holler in case we miss it!

Perfect, thanks! Look forward to seeing it implemented in the future. Cheers

The AV1 RTP payload specification is here:

While the encapsulation of AV1 OBUs in the RTP payload is straightforward, most SFUs will probably not parse OBUs, but will instead utilize the AV1 Descriptor RTP header extension to decide what packets to forward or drop to participants. In order to support all the potential AV1 scalability modes (including K-SVC), it was necessary for the AV1 Descriptor to add significant detail, so implementing this in an SFU in an optimal way is non-trivial.


Thank you @Bernard_Aboba.

Yepp, I looked into several Web browsers and none offered AV1 (or H.265), yet. If anyone finds a Web browser with H.265 or AV1 – in WebRTC – please, report the used version and platform.

Nice update here on AV1 in Chrome. Hopefully not too long now…


Even if Chrome only, or Electron Chromium only, we’d love to start experimenting with AV1 when the Jitsi team are ready.

Thanks for keeping us updated! Alas it looks like it’s not yet even ready for experimentation, as Chrome doesn’t have the codec really. But it’s progress none the less!

Any updates on this? Just saw that Google duo is switching to AV1 from VP9.


Come on man they still do not have good support for vp9 and we are asking for av1.
It is taking just a large amount of time

After reading this :

I think the next av1 step is for september 2020.
Edit : I hope the next AV1 step is for soon.

Brief :

  • VP8 to VP9 is skipped by many because bad VP9 support/spec and everybody allready have focus on AV1.
  • AV1 should be used at first for low bitrate scenario to improve quality whithout burning CPU (like it do in hi-resolution without hardware acceleration)
  • AV1 WebRTC come in chrome & Firefox in august 2020 EDIT : my bad, it’s AVIF, based on this Znet article so nothing about WebRTC or jitsi.

Well, I have read the article and it does not say that Av1 is coming in August so you must have another source. Your source basically says that VP9 has not conquered the world and that the future is murky, something that I think was known before. Your source never says that AV1 is going to sweep everything in the following weeks/months and in fact no one can predict that.

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Thank-you for your vigilence, i’ve edit my message with the source and… that’s about AVIF, not AV1 WebRTC :confused:

Good to hear Google mention today on the Kranky Geek event that AV1 encode for WebRTC in Chrome will hopefully be in stable by 2021 H2. Lets keep an eye on the progress. Thanks Daryl

It is possible to use Innovative Coding Algorithm (Novel Technic). I found this information here:

In this article also possible to know all information about AV1 (for example what is AV1 codec)

And even FAQ about AV1. Nice article!

Chrome89 plans to use AV1
After the work on VP9, how flexible is Jitsi these days to make this jump a little bit easier?

+1 for AV1 support.

Maybe Jitsi could start with support for p2p for moving quickly.

Also per previous comment. Will it be fairly straight forward to add av1 to server routed calls based on all the work you’ve done for VP9?

Would be quite cool to set a prioritization level on the config e.g…

Priority 1 = AV1
Priority 2 = VP9
Priority 3 = VP8
Priority 4 = h264


Priority 1 = av1
Priority 2 = vp8
Disabled = vp9
Disabled = h264

Etc etc

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Interesting article on AV1 progress and benefits here… Real-Time #AV1 SVC – Unleashing the True Power of #WebRTC | WebRTC by Dr Alex

Some more SFU AV1 info here… Mastering the AV1 SVC chains. An introduction to the AV1 SVC… | by Medooze | Feb, 2021 | Medium