FusionPBX and JitsiMeet

Hello Everyone,

My name is Len and I am from the FusionPBX project (For a few more days). I made a small app for FusionPBX that uses the embeded feature JitsiMeet provides for a room. You define the url to the JitsiMeet instance and the room variable. The cool thing is that the room doesn’t need to be made prior and can be on the fly. So any number of room names can be predefined in FuiosnPBX (one per tenant currently) and once the app is clicked on the room is created. If anyone wants to try it out https://github.com/Len-PGH/fusionpbx-jitsimeet

I wanted to say thank you to the Devs at Jitsi for the awesome work done over the months since covid hit. I’ve been testing since March and really amazed at the progress made. The embedding option is one of those.



Thanks Len!

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