Functions os Jitsi

I want to do a meetin with 70 to100 people max,

And i would like to know more about jitsi

Total duration of the conference?

How many participants can you have?

If we can have a private session?

Whether questions can be hidden from viewers?

Who will moderate, can change the sound and the general image of the speaker, or who will speak, etc.

Thank you



On, I would say around 10-50. It is a public, free server mostly serving as demo for the Jitsi Meet server software. If you want to try more more users, let them know it’s a test first. Start with all users muted, without camera, experiment.
Also consider self-hosting or paying for 8x8 commercial services for better control, customization and more capacity.

You can start a meeting, setup a password, share the link and password with other participants. What do you mean by “private” ?

What questions ?

Can you provide more details ? I don’t understand what you want to do. The moderator can only mute/unmute and kick participants.