Functinality not working in unstable latest version compared to

Hi damencho,

We have installed the latest version of the unstable version and found below functionality is not working in unstable code.

when the network is gone, an unstable code meeting is redirected to Rejoin page.

but when it comes to , it is still landing on the same screen till we get the internet back.
in the server we are changing the PING options in the given path


import { getLogger } from ‘@jitsi/logger’;
import { $iq, Strophe } from ‘strophe.js’;
import GlobalOnErrorHandler from ‘…/util/GlobalOnErrorHandler’;
import ConnectionPlugin from ‘./ConnectionPlugin’;
const logger = getLogger(__filename);

  • Default ping every 10 sec
    const PING_DEFAULT_INTERVAL = 1000000;
  • Default ping timeout error after 5 sec of waiting.
    const PING_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 50000;
  • Default value for how many ping failures will be tolerated before the WebSocket connection is killed.
  • The worst case scenario in case of ping timing out without a response is (25 seconds at the time of this writing):
  • XEP-0199 ping plugin.
  • Registers “urn:xmpp:ping” namespace under Strophe.NS.PING.
    after that we excuted npm install and make commands
    but changes are not reflected
    we are using jitsi-meet-jitsi-meet_7815 unstable version
    kindly suggest.

Your colleague (?) has already asked the exact same question.

Please follow up on that thread instead of starting a new thread. Doing this does not give you an answer faster and makes it harder for others to help.