Functinality not working in unstable latest version compared to

We have installed the latest version of the unstable version and found below functionality is not working in unstable code.

when the network is gone, an unstable code meeting is redirected to Rejoin page.

but when it comes to , it is still landing on the same screen till we get the internet back.

Do we need to change any properties? or can you share the code which has this functionality?

kindly advise

Can you share console logs from both sessions?

Please find below details.

Unstable build console logs: console logs:

The main difference here is that is using websocket and you are using bosh. And both have different default settings.
Websocket will try to resume the call and if resuming the xmpp connection is not possible it will do a new xmpp connection …
Bosh though does 3 pings every 10 seconds and give up and reloads the meetings.

You can increase the threshold for bosh to retry with more pings using config pingOptions

Hi Damencho,

We have changed the configuration as suggested but the changes are not reflected in the application (showing old values).

we have restarted the server also.

Kindly suggest.

Which file are you editing

HI Damesncho,

I have edited the below file.

const PING_DEFAULT_THRESHOLD = 2; // I have changed the value to 10
const PING_DEFAULT_INTERVAL = 10000; // I have changed the value to 20000
const PING_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 5000; // I have changed the value to 10000

HI Damencho,

Any update on this ?
Kindly Suggest.

Not really. If you are rebuilding ljm, put some prints to make sure you see your changes and its not cache or anything preventing you to use your version.