Full screen option on mobile browser

Hello there,

I have installed jitsi-meet on our own server. But the problem is when opening the meeting link on a desktop it’s allowing the full screen but on a mobile browser that option is not there.

What I’m doing is,
Opening the meeting link in an embedded web view inside my app with a fixed small height. Because we have some other content to show below the web view.

What I need is,
A full screen option like we have while playing a video. Clicking on that, the meeting will open with full screen in mobile

Can you please suggest a way to do this? Or is there any option to enable the full screen for mobile browser from Config JS?

Thank you!

IIRC that API is not supported on mobile browsers, is it?

Hi, were you able to solve this?

I can’t see the button to go fullscreen on mobile browsers (trying on Android/Chrome).

Note: I am running my self-hosted Jitsi and presenting it through an iFrame on my website.

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Facing the same problem. full-screen option is missing on mobile. Also, on desktop, the option appears when you click the more options button. Ideally, the fullscreen icon should be on the top right of the video.

Mobile will not have the fullscreen option.
I implemented the functionality through html / javascript (basically a button outside the jitsi iFrame). Not ideal, but works fine.

Can you please share the snippet for reference, thanks!

Sure. Below is my JS:

var elem = document.getElementById("jitsi_html");

function openFullscreen() {
  if (elem.requestFullscreen) {
  } else if (elem.webkitRequestFullscreen) { /* Safari */
  } else if (elem.msRequestFullscreen) { /* IE11 */

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