Full control of front-end and back end

I want to run the Jitsi Meet project fully on my server by separating the front-end and back-end, which will communicate with each other. Like front end will communicate with back-end, which also will be my server instead of alpha.jitsi.net.

So is there any way to do that?


Welcome to the community @samsulalam.

Yes, you can deploy it on your own server. There are two ways to deploy it.

  • Vanilla installation. deploy the jitsi-meet on Virtual-Machine/Bare-Metal servers.

  • Deployment using Docker.

for connecting the front-end with the jitsi-meet backend, you can use JWT.

Please refer to jitsi-handbook for the tutorial.

Hi @metadata ,
Thanks for your response. For front-end I am following this Developer Guide (Web) · Jitsi Meet Handbook. But here alpha.jitsi.net is being used for back-end. But instead of alpha I want to use my domain, where jitsi back-end will be installed. So how do I do that?


I already did that but it’s not working.