Full control by the moderator

Hello everyone,

I searched through the documentation of Jibri about a use case where :

  • All viewers joins through the lobby, where a livestreaming of the host’s webcam is displayed. They can only raise hand or do reactions.
  • Host can see a list of all viewers waiting in the lobby, and invite them to the call (With an alert notification on the other side to avoid unwanted cam/mic opening). He can also terminate his participation.
  • Functionality such as desktop/video/screensharing are available to viewers only after being called to conference by host, and are removed when the host finishes your call.

I couldn’t put my finger on whether this use case can be done with the documentation found. Is sole livestreaming and inviting viewers to call manually something possible or it require some huge low level modifications?

Thank you in advance for your answer, and your great work in general.