Full blown jitsi build for a 1000+ students school. Will the system hold the load?

Hi everyone again!

As I said in the title, I’m in charge of deploying a jitsi videoconference server for the schoool I work for and it has to be able to hold up at least 20 simultaneous rooms with 15 to 25 participants in each room.

What kind of specs shoud I be looking for when searching for a vp/dedicated server?

I’m leaning on a 6cpu 16gb ram gigabit vps.

Will it hold the load?

Thank you again!

You need to spread and have few bridges for such a deployment, and best is to add auto-scaling of bridges on load.

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That’s excellent! Are you referring to jvb? Is there any documentation to build that setup available? Thanks!

There’s this external documentation by the admins of a respectably sized Jitsi cluster in Germany. They host about 20 videobridges with load balancing. No auto-scaling, but I think it’s a good starting point for you.


It’s an excellent article! It helps actually a lot!
I would like to clarify some specific topics if I may.

The main recommendation to scale up the system is to use multiple jvbs (and only jbvs) spread throughout multiple servers.

Is there any hardware recommendation to consider prior to chose the right VPS for that with the following loads?

An average of 20 participants per room, 25 to 30 simultaneous rooms.

I’m thinking about this distribution:

Two load balanced VPS’ from DigitalOcean config.

To serve the UI with Jicofo, Prosody and the Jibri muc configured.

A server with only the meet module and prosody pointing to the jicofo module on the first server to work as a load balancer for the interface.

Jicofo on the first server will point to four Videobridge vps’.

The web server machines with jicofo and prosody would be 2gig RAM 1vcpu vps’.
The jvbs would be 4gig RAM 2vcpu vps’.

With this setup, would the room assignment and connection work for everyone?
Or it would be just enough with one web server?

Thank you!