Frozen video with 200ms latencies

Hi here,

We are using a custom interfaces based on lib jitsi meet it works fine but I have un strange Frozen video issue when the video media streamer have some network latencies.

I can reproduce this frozen error with introducing sometimes 200 ms latencies.

All new clients connecting after the frozen bug cannot not have a working stream, the standard jitsi meet report the frozen case as " User is having connectivity issues".

If I stop latencies on streamer, video stay frozen.

The answer can be to reconnect on the streamer application, but how can I detect if my video is frozen ? I tried to connect on all event error (connexion and conference) but nothink happen.

Hope some help, thanks !


It appears that local video track resolution fall to 0x0, on the streamer.

I don’t know why and if it is a bug or a feature … any idea ?

Ok found it, it was a bug caused by adding new resolution, never update jitsi-videobridge without updating lib jitsi meet ! Maybe this one do the mess :