Frontend (web & mobile) developers & agencies wanted

We’re a realtime audio+video infrastructure-as-a-service company, and one of our products is a scalable, managed, Jitsi Meet backend.

We get asked a lot if we can take care of frontend work, both in terms of modifications to the existing web & mobile frontends, and in terms of building completely custom frontends.

Since we prefer to focus on providing great infrastructure, we’d like to work with individuals or agencies who have experience with this type of work. We have a preference for individuals or small agencies, and a preference for people with a decent knowledge of Jitsi Meet architecture and protocols.

Anyone interested should DM me, or email me at Thanks for reading!

@jbg - I have sent you a DM and an email;

Hi @jbg, We can help you with your requirement as it is something that lies in our expertise. I have sent you an email and DM. Please check it out.


Hi Jasper,

We have sent you a DM. Kindly chek it out.
Thank you.