Fresh installation of jitsi meet app causes the meeting to rejoin for the first time only

I downloaded and installed jitsi-meet app from the app store for the first time on my phone. I tried to connect to one of my jitsi-meet installations and in the first time it fails giving the error ‘You have been disconnected. You may want to check your network connection. Reconnecting …’. When I press the ‘Rejoin now’ button it works. It works without any issue after that. It’s just on the first time after a fresh installation( first time installation of jitsi on phone). If I uninstall and install it works on the first time as well. I tried with several other phones and this behavior can be seen. What could be causing the issue?
I have tested on iOS 13.1

Could be a bug fetching the config for the first time. We’ll take a look, thanks for the report!

I have tried to reproduce this with the iOS simulator but can’t. can you please get the app logs with when this happens?