Fresh install on AWS audio and video not working

I just stood up a new ec2 instance in AWS and installed the jitsi server using instructions (link below). everything worked no errors. I can start a new meeting. so far i am useing my home computer and my cell phone conneted to the cell network (not wifi). on the computer i can see myself but i cannot see the camera from the phone. on my phone i can see myself but i cannot see the camera from the computer. no audio is working at all. I cant hear myself and even when both systems are not mutied i am not getting a feedback loop. no audio at all from either system.

AFAIK the standard installation tutorials will not work on AWS out of the box, because you have to tweak some more AWS specific infrastructure settings ( Security Groups…).

Maybe this helps:

I configured the security group to allow all

@jwaresolutions Were you able to solve this? I am having the exact same issue, I got frustrated and opened UDP and TCP for the entire range from anywhere, still facing the same issue.

Check the Ubuntu’s firewall.