Fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 Issues

I successfully got Jitsi installed on a small server for a VPS host.
The server is;

    1. OS: 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04
    1. Mem: 256
    1. Disk: 4 GB
    1. CPU 1 core
      With the above config, after a reboot, I am able to connect and start to see my video.
      However when a second PC attempts to connect I see “unfortunately something went wrong We are trying to fix. Reconnecting” on both PC’s and keeps looping with this message until one of the PC’s disconnects.
      I’m a complete noob on this so any help would be appreciated

Start with js console in clients, what is the error. What is “Mem: 256” if this is MB it is not enough in my opinion.

OK, bumped memory to 640 MB.
But not sure “Start with js console in clients” means - sorry

Thanks, Bart

Clients can opend More Tools -> Developer Tools -> console and there are the logs of the app.
For running jicofo+jvb on same machine recommended is 8GB of RAM.