Freezing Jitsi meet latest Mobile App (App store) / Testflight and GitHub


I have observed a behaviour with Github (Compiled for our servers) / App Store / Testflight builds of Jitsi meet app and have noticed the freezing when installing and setting up for the first time before the Enter your name dialog.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Install the App from Appstore / Testflight and make sure you have changed the server url which makes it mandatory to enter your name.

Step 2: Start the meeting, authenticate if needed

Step 3: Now, all of the toolbar controls (Mute switch, Video Switch, More options switch, Hangup switch wont work) because it should technically ask user to enter Name.

Step 4: Force close the App, open the app again and start the meeting now it will ask you for your name and it wont freeze.