Freeze Frame and live notes

Why not turn the screen freeze into a feature? The kind of thing you have on projectors where you can pause the video in order to show something or leave questions on the board whilst you prepare something in the background. This could be a tool only for the person who is presenting.

To extend on this, we already have a moderator, what if we had a presenter mode. This could either be rights that are given when anyone shares their screen, or the moderator allows users to share their screen and temporarily gain rights.
We also thought about Live notes or sketches on a screen share. This could maybe be abused by students drawing fruit-shaped objects but again this could be a right given by the moderator. The idea is if I’m trying to go through a process on my screen and a colleague is watching, they can “draw” where I need to click or show what they mean without having to awkwardly explain.

I think those can be folded into a virtual whiteboard feature, right? It’s currently possible to integrate WBO with Etherpad and use this from Jitsi Meet, but you do need your own deployment.

Yeah, I guess so, would WBO also be integrated in the future? We tested this as well a while ago and thought it definitely had its uses. It could maybe reach a larger audience of schools and education if there is more interactivity between users. I know it’s not something for all of the users, but a handful might find it good.

It’s already possible through Etherpad. Etherpad has an ep_whiteboard plugin, which allows you to connect WBO to Etherpad, and we have Etherpad integration capabilities.