notification missing text issue



I have an issue with Sip Communicators notifications - i
use the slider theme (black rounded rectangle, looks like Ubuntu's
notifications but with standard libnotify) on Debian Squeeze 32-bit. This
may affect the standard gnome notification too.

The notification works well if the chat window is minimized to taskbar,
but if it is not minimized but not active (usually behind the active
window) i get the rectangle with the text "username wrote:" but the rest
is empty. I get the "username is writing a message" notification ok.

Now since the slider theme has black background and white text i am
wondering if by some mistake in this specific circumstance the text is
using the background color (black), but dont think this is likely, given
that the "username wrote:" kind of text is there and i can see the whole
text if the chat window is created/already minimized/on other virtual

PLease look into this if possible.


Have a nice day,

Kertesz Laszlo

Using Opera's revolutionary email client:


I haven't seen this with Ubuntu's notifications. Could you please
create an issue for it? It seems unlikely to me that it will be
handled with high priority. Anyway, if a volunteer wants to hunt it
down though, it will be handled much faster.