Frameworks missing in apps deployed by CI tool


I am using the self build SDK’s together with the react-native-jitsi-meet package and I have a problem providing my application to Testflight when archiving, signing and distributing it with an automated build tool like Bitrise, Nevercode or Fastlane.

I also know that it is probably a problem related to my app setup and not directly related to this module or jitsi meet but I thought maybe someone around here also faced this issue before and knows how to deal with it .

So the app runs properly when using an automated build tool but as soon as I open a screen with the Jitsi component the app crashes with the following error:

FATAL ERROR: RCTFatalException: No bundle URL present.

I assume that this means that either the JitsiMeet.framework or WebRTC.framework file is missing from the bundle. But I can’t understand or find out why.

Building and uploading the app with XCode works fine.

Help would be highly appreciated :blush: