Frame Rate dropped, latency increased

On the mobile app, after the update, last 2 versions on March 25, 2019, and just before, the app was giving a decent framerate, a smooth camera capture with a very lowest latency in the frames but it, however, increased in recent version updates and it just showing frame dropped at the rate the Desktop Browser shows and an increase in latency can be noticed very clearly since Jitsi 2.0 has arrived. Before joining any conference, before going P2P or bridge, when Moderator initiates the room, a drop in the frame rate can be noticed and a higher latency in new Android app upgrades.
ANDROID MOBILE APP - Android Ver. 8.1.0

Hi there, Thanks for the feedback!

Can you calrify what version yiou are running? There is no Jitsi 2.0 version. The last version in the store is from March 25th (19.0.3). Well, we are releasing 19.1.0 today,. but it hasn’t reached full-rollout yet.

sdk 2 I mean here @saghul

what does full-rollout means here? More Features like web version you are going to rollout?

Can I get a source code link for latest release?..We are building few more things to cover up the web like features in our app.

Full-rollout means that not 100% users were offered that version. It’s now on full-rollout, so if you install it fresh you should get that version (19.1.0).

As I am able to see…Frame rate here using 25fps? If yes how to change to 30fps?

The default framerate continues to be 30. This may fluctuate depending on network conditions though.

OK…on old sdk of jitsi, camera was so smooth that you hardly notice any latency. In iOS it is perfectly to that.