FQDN in /etc/hosts


the quick install guide briefly mentions to add the hosts FQDN to etc/hosts. Does anyone know why this is necessary or where this is used?

thx ~f

In my experience, this is not necessary.

In my setup, machines are in an internal network (10.0.0.x) and I use the simple hostname (not FQDN) most of the times I need a machine to connect to another one (for example, videobridge connecting to the xmpp server in the main jitsi instance).

For this to work you need either an internal DNS for those non-FQDN names or populate /etc/hosts appropriately in every machine.

I have a similar problem: I have installed jitsi on Ubuntu 20.04 on a server with an ip address. I have another webhosting service for my domains and a subdomain meet.myname.de. Having installed jitsi I have problems with the redicrection. I do not knwo how to set up the redirection or teh correct entries in the DNS zone file. Maybe someone can help me?

I would try not using a redirection at all. Setup your DNS record for your meet domain so that it points to the actual machine.