Forum software - It's Great! But what is it? And where does it say that?

Hi! I am a new jitsi community member/user.

I really like the interface. It is quite clean, and the design of it (lines, separators, amount of space between items, etc.) makes it really easy for the eyes to distinguish each message.

It is also equally easy to view when I use my computer’s shortcut to reverse / invert / negative the colors on the screen so all the white becomes black, etc. (my own “Dark Theme”). Not all sites work so nicely.

Finally, moving around, navigating, setting bookmarks, editing: I found all this quite easy on first use – quite nice!

Upshot: So I was interested in what software runs this forum? And I couldn’t find it in the usual places such as in the footer of the home page (“Powered by XXX”, etc.) or in Forum Feedback FAQ or About pages, etc…

Is it 3rd party software? Or did you guys/gals “roll your own”?


It is Discourse

Thanks, @batuhansahan. Looks like , yes? It’s great. (Looks a bit pricey, tho’!) Anyway, thanks.

Yes it is, and it is free and open source

Oh! That’s good too. I was looking at this page

Maybe that is just if they do the hosting?