Formula X# of CPU/RAM for # of connections


For a jitsi meeting, what should be the minimum cpu/ram per desktop/laptop. What about Internet? What about having a server hosting Jitsi? is there a formula like 100 connections = X#CPU/RAM or something like that?
Thank you for you help


The requirements are to be able to run chrome. Encoding and decoding video is also CPU consuming, also chrome adjusts some encoding params based on the CPU usage, so it adapts.

To be able to send one 720p resolution and receive one 720p and several thumbnails you need at least 5 MBit for download and upload (where using 5 for upload is in an ideal situation, it is more between 3 and 4).

This question had been asked many times, but there is no formula or anything. There are many unknowns are all browser using simulcast what is the distribution of the connections, are they in one conference or multiple conferences with a lower number of participants. Here we were talking about the cost of bandwidth, but you can get an idea of some of the factors that affect the bandwidth Bandwidth cost modeling. The most important thing on the jvb side is the available bandwidth!
For we use aws c5.xlarge instances for jvb in an autoscale group based on CPU and bandwidth. So whenever there is some load the system will auto-adopt.