Forgot to stop recording before closing call, is the recording lost?

I launched a recording for an interview (through the “save recording file locally” option) but then forgot to save it before closing the call. does this mean that the recording is permanently lost or can it be retrieved somehow? this is the link Jitsi Meet
Thank you, hope someone can help!

I’m just a Jitsi user, so my answer could be wrong or incomplete, but from what I remember, if you closed the call by closing the tab, it’s completely gone. Now if you’ve clicked the red button to close the call, it should be somewhere on your disk, most likely in your browser’s downloads folder.

Local recordings are written to your local computer memory while your are in the meeting, then offered as a download when you stop the recording so you can saved as a file. So I’m afraid if you did not end the recording before leaving the meeting, then the recording is effectively lost.

There’s been some discussion to improve this in the future – either to warn you if you try to end a call without stopping the recording, or to automatically trigger the download when you leave the meeting – but AFAIK nobody is working on this yet.

For business-critical meetings that require a more robust recording solution, one would ideally used a server-side recording where the recording is handle on the server and stopped automatically if everyone leaves the meeting. Alas, this is no longer available on, but there are other Jitsi providers that do offer this e.g. JaaS.