Force Tile View

Tile View works well for meetings, yet, not knowing this, participants often choose presentation mode for the bigger picture. Follow Moderator is good for starting guests in Tile View, but if they are used to big picture mode, they’ll switch to it, then complain about poor performance when the picture lags or switches unexpectedly. Is there a simple way to force Tile View?

try “follow me” function, then you can control what to show on “active” placeholder for all.

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Thanks for your reply. And yes, Follow Me (I referred to it as “Follow Moderator”) allows the conversation to start in Tile View. The problem is that participants then click the Tile View button to switch to the big picture view they are accustomed to (webinars, etc), and get distracted by seeing someone other than the person speaking. Conversations move too quickly for Jitsi to keep up.

Are you saying that there is a way to hide/disable the Tile View control with Follow Me enabled?

i will recommend you to shift “tile view” function to the same place that you found “follow me”. disable tile view may cause problem to control what to show for yourself.

Thanks for the suggestion. I see how to disable Tile View, but not how to move it. Shifting it to the same place as “Follow Me” is a terrific solution! How do you do it?