Force password, trouble with application sharing

Hello !
I need help force 2 questions

For the first one, i allrdy have a half answer on with this link, but i wanna know if there’s an evolution for the future ?

The second one, i have Firefox 68.2.0 and Chrome 79.0.3945.79 and it seems not all application are display in the sharing menu, i can t install the lasted versions, is there a way to see all application ? Or may be restrictions are set on ?

Thx for answers

The sharing menu you are presented to choose applications to share is beyond our control, this is implemented in the browser.

Thx for your reply Damencho

Have you allready heard something about that browser problem or i’m the first one dealing with this ?


I know chrome is not able to share some Windows applications as Powerpoint, maybe something changed in 79, not sure. And also I had seen reports for windows been black in the share desktop preview window. These are all reports I had heard of.
You can search for such reports in

thx : )