For developer

Hello, i install jitsi following for developer. I want to know when i moderate something in source code, i must run command “make dev” or just press Crt + S to make jitsi save it code.

Just modify code and it should reload.

I modify code like this :
But i show the source code in web:

My script is not saved.

Nope, you need to modify the source code that is bundled, whatever goes in to app.bundle. As you are running the webpack dev proxy, this is just a way to run the frontend locally and you are using a deployment ( alpha jitsi net) for backend, so the index.html with all the configs of alpha is used when you load the app, but it loads your local source code that is normally bundled and served as app.bundle. IF you change any code that normally go in the bundle, the dev proxy detects that and reloads the page.

i dont know how to modify code. You can show me step by step how to modify something in source code. Thank you.