Folder permissions for Docker installation

On this page the Docker install is explained. Including extracting the latest release and the creation of a config directory which is used for persistence: mkdir -p ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/{web/letsencrypt,transcripts,prosody/config,prosody/prosody-plugins-custom,jicofo,jvb,jigasi,jibri}

However, I want to share the management of the Jitsi instance with other users. So I have 2 solution for this, either use POSIX ACLs or create a common user that people have to use for Jitsi management in Docker.

Both solutions seem not sufficient as I set it up. Because without rx permissions for ‘other’, the configs/logs in jitsi-meet-cfg are not accessible by the Docker containers. Could someone perhaps shed some light on which specific user/group permissions are needed? I don’t prefer to open up the ‘other’ permissions.