Focus will not leave if the conference is destroyed



I’ve upgraded my version of prosody to 0.11.2 (centos).
With mod_muc_size plugin installed and modified so i can see the members of the muc room + the focus. Here is my finding:

  • if the conference is destroyed ( when API REST enabled within jicofo and duration expired), the conference is not restartable. Re-joining the room will make jitsi-meet wait the focus forever … until jicofo is restarted. This is, in my sens, caused by the fact that jicofo has not properly freed the the focus and will not reallocate a new focus for the room.
    This may corrected by calling JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.stop() after focusManager.destroyConference(JitsiMeetConferenceImpl)

  • however with the recent version of prosody doing this is not enough, i see the focus is still present within prosody muc after calling : focusManager.destroyConference(JitsiMeetConferenceImpl) and JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.stop()
    Normally i expect the focus to leave when the conference is destroyed

I cant understand why because when the last participant hangs up jicofo ends by calling JitsiMeetConferenceImpl.stop() and in this case focus lefts as expected the room.

Just for information: i’ve added “destroy” button which ends the conference for all participants and only the owner ( REST API ) or moderator can restart it. So i use also focusManager.destroyConference in this context.

Will be nice if someone could help me and understand this.



I suspect jicofo is not notified that the room is destroyed, so it doesn’t know that it left the room to be able to call stop and all the clean logic …


Yes i am almost convinced this is it.
Any chances for the implementation of this function will happen in near future ? :laughing:



Nothing planned, any PRs are welcomed.