Focus on screen sharing

Hi, I don’t find function to make other participants focus on my screen sharing when I started to share. Is there a trick? Thanks.

There is a interface config you can tweak on your deployment:

Also you can enable follow-me from settings and when you are pinning participants, this will be the view all participants will see (they will follow you).

Sorry for unclearly question , I use lib-jitsi-meet to custom UI. Now, I 've found a way to make that handle onRemoteTrack and check videoType and then make everyone focus on that track. By chance, I have another question, how can I know a video stream is active or not because sometimes I get a lost video stream or it is frozen.

Try checking participant’s connection status:

Here is it, NH has turn his camera on but the video does not display it. His connection status is active.

I see you are using jitsi-meet, does the same happen if you are running without your modifications?

I clone original jitsi meet code and deploy on server to run. My custom UI display the same as original layout. The video does not display but the voice is okay.

Yes, but I ask in that case what you see with the original UI, not in the custom? So if the video is stopped by jvb we show an ‘ninja’ icon, if it is connectivity issues it will be grey, if it is muted we show a muted video icon, need to check the code what we check for most of them, but this for sure is handled in the current UI.

Except for checking connection status, are there any way to check if the video stream is lost? The original UI as I see it switch to display avatar, but in my custom UI, I get a signal that person turn him/her camera on so I display the video but it’s lost. I think the problem is related to my logic code react for UI when I detach old stream and attach new stream.