Focus moderator and force display name

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is it possible to configure that the moderator will be the focused participant when entering the meeting room and
ist there an option which forces the new participant to enter a display name?

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You can force entering of a display name here:

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Thanks @xranby. This worked for me. I was able to force a user who hasn’t entered their name at least one time

Thanks for the answer. It is just in the WebApp. Is it possible to force an Display Name in the Android and IOS App too?

Thanks for your support…

I do not know how to work with the Android or iOS app code-bases.

Personally I decided not to use the Android or iOS app. What I did was to change the jitsi-meet react user-interface to not ask for app installation and instead make mobile users use the same web interface as on desktop. This work well for my use-case to have one sender and many viewers especially with all the tweaks to limit CPU usage.

The quickest way to allow Android and iOS to use the regular web interface was to change the function getDeepLinkingPage in react/features/deep-linking/functions.js
to return Promise.resolve(); and then recompile the jitsi-meet interface.
it is also possible to make mobile browsers work by changing the CCS and simply hide the big overlay window that ask you to install the app.
in ccs/overlay/_overlay.scss add visibility: hidden; to .overlay { &__container, &__container-light {

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