Focus component logic

There are a bunch of commits in Prosody and Jicofo that removed the focus component in Jitsi. I am using Ejabberd and want to update Jicofo. Because of this git commit, it won’t work. Moving the logic of the commit to Ejabberd is not straightforward, has side effects, and may produce some other bugs. I decided to move the logic to the Jitsi Meet web client and Jicofo instead of Ejabberd. Can someone please tell me which classes must be changed in Jicofo and web client code?
I mean, instead of chaining Stanza content in Prosody, change it inside client code and Jicofo.

Is it possible to handle it totally on the client side?

No, but in the client you can configure the jicofo full jid with resource and use it that way. Openfire ofmeet plugin already use it that way.

Thanks so much, Damian
I just only changed focus: 'focus.<domain>' to focus: 'focus@auth.<domain>/focus' in config.js and everything works fine. Does it have any side effects which I’ve not noticed yet?

Nope. You are good.

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