Fmj-1.0.2-jitsi issues after upgrade to jre 11

Hi Team,

We are using fmj-1.0.2-jitsi for contact center project which is currently running on jre8 and working fine.

When we did the upgradation to jre11, we noticed the dead silence in calls after random deployments.

From code perspective we are creating a data sink using fmj-1.0.2-jitsi.

We are suspecting that fmj-1.0.2-jitsi is not working properly in jre11. Further to which we did the analysis for this jar using jdeps and found that it uses some jdk internal libraries.

org.jitsi.fmj-1.0.2-jitsi.jar -> jdk8internals
   org.rubycoder.gsm.PlayGSM                          ->                              JDK internal API (jdk8internals)

Warning: JDK internal APIs are unsupported and private to JDK implementation that are
subject to be removed or changed incompatibly and could break your application.
Please modify your code to eliminate dependence on any JDK internal APIs.
For the most recent update on JDK internal API replacements, please check:

Let us know in case fmj-1.0.2-jitsi has compatibility issues with jre11 and what could be the way forward.