Flutter - Feature Flags Update

We are developing jitsi in flutter.

We are using this https://github.com/gunschu/jitsi_meet to achieve in flutter.

In the above flutter project, below feature flags are not updated yet.


So We added above features in the flutter project by our own and imported from path.

We ensured that above features going in options in below code

action = "org.jitsi.meet.CONFERENCE"
 putExtra("JitsiMeetConferenceOptions", options)

implementation (‘org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:3.8.0’) { transitive = true } → We are using this SDK

Still above features are not get disabled.

Any suggestions/help? Thanks in advance

You can disable this features on your server config file directly

Here some pointers

Config file → We can do once.

We need that features by dynamic. For host user → We can enable it. For attendee → We should hide.


You can pass the options in the server URL or room field per conference.

Read example url in the post i gave referenced.

Not an elegant solution but would work