Floating Thumbnail Resizing Automatically on Drag/Reposition

I’m on Windows 10 using the Jitsi Meet Electron App/ Desktop and finding that when I drag the thumbnail window that shows my partner’s video when minimized – it is resizing slowly as I click/hold and drag. Which is inconvenient when you need to move it a lot during a session due to screen real estate for reading or navigating.

It’s a subtle difference if you don’t hold down for long so the further you move the box the more it expands.

To recreate the issue just open and session and drag the thumbnail holding your mouse button down and as you move it, you’ll see the box is getting a little bigger – hold it and keep moving it for a long time and it just keeps getting bigger.

The only way to resize again is to open full screen then minimize again to reset the size

This should be fixed in latest source. Not sure whether there is a release of electron to download and test with the fix. @Hristo_Terezov, can you point in which version this is fixed?

It is fixed in the latest master. I’m not sure what is the status of the jitsi-meet-electron releases. Maybe @saghul knows more?

We are a bit between a rock and a hard place because we haven’t migrated certificates so we cannot create new builds. This may be solved soon, since Pawel is working on Spot electron builds.

@NathanSudds any chance you could build it yourself (instructions on the README) and let us know if it works fine for you?