Flip / self-view mirror issue

When I do not set disableLocalVideoFlip: false, in config.js, then the self view (thumbnail or tile view) is not mirrored.
My understanding of the concept is as follows:

  • self-view is mirrored as default (e.g. unconfigured)
  • disableLocalVideoFlip: false, adds the option for the user to change the mirroring manually.

Since we try to keep the UI as simple as possible, we’d like to have mirrored self images and no menu / option to change this. I believe, that it used to be like this until some time ago, but I am not shure.

Not a big issue.

What happens if you explicitly set and doNotFlipLocalVideo: false, ? Does that works?

Explicit setting doNotFlipLocalVideo: false, does not help. (At least with our installation, we are running 2.0.7882 (2022-10-06) and will update soon)