Flatpak Jitsi Meet doesn't open on ubuntu 22.04

I had installed the Jitsi Meet flatpak on my ubuntu 20.04 machine and it worked out fine. Last week I upgraded to ubuntu 22.04 and I discovered that the app does’t open, at least when I run the default Ubuntu on Wayland. When I switch back to Xorg the flatpak still opens and functions as before.
I hope this problem will only be temporary and will be fixed with an update of the flatpak version soon.


This is not something we maintain.

Okay. I understand. Not too important. I just wanted to inform. Fortunately, the flatpak doesn’t add too much to using Jitsi in a browser.

tested it under Kubuntu 22.04 and it works fine. Screensharing not so much, but I don’t think it’s a problem specific to this app; it don’t work very well with Chromium under Wayland either.

I have now installed the jitsi appimage. This does exactly the same thing as the flatpak. Happy to be able to use this one. As far as I can see the appimage is indeed maintained by the Jitsi Community. It seems that at this moment the image is not updateable (e.g. through AppImage Update). Therefore I would suggest to make it updateable. Thx!!

Where did you download that image from?

I found it with AppImage Pool, a flatpak tool. The download refers to your page Releases · jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron · GitHub.

In the meantime I have replaced the AppImage by the deb package!